Keywords - the most Successful Online Business Tip

The most successful online business websites use and exploit keywords.

Ignore them at your peril.

Use them correctly and you could be on your way to earning extra income and generating new sales.

Keywords are the words and phrases typed into a search engine when people are looking for information.

When we talk about Keywords, we mean a single word OR a phrase of 2 - 5 words. For example, "cooking" is a keyword. "Cajun Cooking" is also keyword. "Cajun Cooking Recipes" is another keyword.

Knowing what keywords people type in to find your business and using this information correctly is the first step to moving up in the search engine listings.

Keywords are not the only criteria used when a search engine places a website on a listing. Keywords are a start - a good start. How people behave when they reach your website is also important.

But let's get them to your website first.

Why you need keywords

Start off by reading or watching Day 2 of the Action Guide. To use the BrainstormIt! software, you need to subscribe to SBI for US$299. If you do not want to commit to this, you can still generate the information.

Generate keywords

First of all, take a look at Google Adwords. Enter a keyword or phrase and discover lots of related words. Not only that, but you can see how many people are actually typing in that exact keyword. This is known as Demand.

Go to this Google link.

Follow the instructions to generate a list of relevant keywords. This is useful for getting a 'rough idea' and generating more ideas.

But there's a problem.

This Google information only gives you half of the information you need.

The other half is knowing how many websites there are that contain these keyword. This is known as Supply.

Demand is what a person types into a search engine. Supply is how many websites contain that keyword or phrase. To own a most successful online business, you need both demand and supply information.

Success at the search engines comes from using a balance of keywords with just the right demand and supply.

Obtaining Demand and Supply Information

Sitesell is the best source of information I have found. The BrainstormIt tool is probably the best of its kind you will find. The tool is part of the overall package which includes other tools, domain name, website hosting, site building tools, comprehensive guides and help and much, much more.

No matter what I think, there will be some people out there who do not want to commit to Sitesell. In this case, you can use


This is a subscription service which provides Demand and Supply data for keywords.

If you decide to use the SBI software and hosting package, there is no need to buy a Wordtracker subscription. It is included in the package.

Once you have generated your keywords from Wordtracker, export them to an Excel spreadesheet where you will be able to sort the data so that it is meaningful.

What Now?

Firstly, evaluate the raw data which is returned to you. The numbers. You can use this chart to help you.

Then you need to consider some other things:

  • Your knowledge of the concept
  • Do you like the subject?
  • How much time do you have to spend on the business?
  • Is the subject appealing to you and others?

Read or watch Day 2 of the SBI 10 Day Action Guide for more information on generating keywords and how to use the information to develop your best website concepts.

You may find this Decision Chart helpful to evaluate the best concept for your business.