The best internet business to start is in your head

There is nothing mysterious about the best internet business to start. All you have to do is get a little creative and a large sheet of paper!

Everyone has a creative side. Some people use theirs more than others. If you need help switching yours on, try the simple exercise at the bottom of this page.

The purpose of brainstorming is to generate ideas for your unique internet business. The first step to owning a successful online business is to develop your business concept. Start by writing down as many ideas as possible for your new business.

It works best with a friend or in groups.

You can write your ideas on post-it notes - they are easy to move around later so you can group ideas.

The more ideas you write down the better. All ideas are considered good ideas. No idea is thought of as being silly or no good. Write down all your ideas - let them flow.

When you finish your list, don't! Give yourself another 5 minutes. You will be amazed at how many other ideas you still have.

When you have finished again, try to continue just a little longer.

Ideas for the best internet business to start

What do you know
Others want to learn from knowledgeable people and experts.
If you had to renovate a listed building and know all about it, perhaps that could make a good online business.

What do you like reading / watching - TV shows, books, magazines
Your site could be about things you see and hear on TV and in books.
Or you could do a site based around a specific book or film
Or about kinds of books / films - crime, romance - whatever you enjoy and can share with others.

What do you like in your job or do well at?
You know about your job, could others learn from your experience?
So if you have to give presentations at work, perhaps you can teach others how.

Problems / bug bears that need solving
If you have moans or problems, others will have too.
If you think - I wish I knew how to solve that problem, others will too.
For example, if you found getting reliable baby sitters a problem others will too.
How did you solve the problem?

Your hobbies and interests
We all have hobbies we can share - cooking, bird watching or golf. The internet needs them all!


When you are sure you have finished, sift through them. Consider each one on it's merits. Classify into definite yes, maybe, definite no. Group similar themes together.

Keep going through the yes and maybe pile - do a little research on them.

When devising a site concept, think about your knowledge on the subject - how much do you know? Think about how interesting it is to you - avoid something that will bore you - you are more likely to give up.

Look at competing websites - are there lots? Is there a gap in the market? Can you spin your concept to make it different? Will other people like your idea? The best internet business to start is one which appeals to you.

Ideally, you want to narrow the list to 3 business ideas. Here are some examples of concepts.

Then fully evaluate your 3 ideas to eventually find 'the ONE'. For this, you will need to do some market research to find out what information people are searching for (Demand) and how many websites already address this demand (Supply). This is where Keywords become important to planning your best internet business to start.

For more information, please read or watch Day 2 of the Action Guide.

Switch on your creative side with this simple exercise

It should take you about 5 minutes.

It works better with a friend because you bounce ideas off each other.

Now, think of a new table you are going to design.

But what is different about this table is it does not have legs.

Write a list of 5 ways, other than legs, of holding the table up. For example - suspending it from the ceiling - that coults as no.1 - you think of another 4.

I said 5 ideas - I meant 10.

Remember - you can use anything even if it is really weird or the technology we have does not (yet) exist.

Now you have 10 ideas, can you get up to 20?

You should now be able to think creatively.