The Best Internet Business Information for non-SBI

If you want the best internet business you need the best information. As far as I am concerned, this comes from the SBI Action Guide - the step by step approach to owning your own successful online business.

The guide is aimed at complete beginners and recommends you purchase the package it comes with. The package is great for beginners and I can recommend it.

However, not everyone wants to buy the package - perhaps you already have website hosting or are an experienced web designer and want to be more creative.

This page is dedicated to tips and recommendations for alternatives to SBI. You can follow the steps in the Action Guide but apply them to your own tools and software.

Each time you see the best internet business 1sign, it takes you to the right place on this page to give you a tip or alternative to the Guide. There is also a link at the end of each section to take you back to where you were.

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Where to Buy Domain Names

There are thousands of websites offering to sell you domain names and it is relatively cheap to do so. My favourite is

Try to avoid using a domain seller which locks you into hosting the website.

Choose one where you can point the DNS to any web hosting company. DNS stands for Domain Name Server. Whoever hosts your website has one. You will have to tell your domain name provider what the DNS is. This is usually easy to do if you choose a company, like, that lets you do this.

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This section will be regularly updated.