One of the best online business Strategies - "Don't Forget the Form!"

One of the simplest online business strategies is to include a form on your website. At the very least, do this as part of the Contact Us Page.

Contact Us

Forget this simple strategy and you could lose out on new business enquiries and credibility.

But a form not only works well on the Contact Us page, it can also give you a chance to get to know your visitor more.


Use forms to get new ideas and opinion from your visitors. Please see the section about surveys.


You can also use forms to allow your customer to complain. Don't be worried about complaints. If you did not live up to expectations, this is your chance to put things right and prevent future problems from occurring. If you do not give the customer a chance to complain, they will go elsewhere in future. If you give them this chance, they will judge you on how well you handle their complaint. You can easily turn a negative into a positive by providing excellent customer care.

Sign Up

Sign up to your great 5-day e-course ...... Forms software often comes with an auto responder facility (don't be put off by the jargon - this just means that you easily set up automatic emails to be sent when someone completes your form).

If you have something to give in a few easy chunks, you can sent it automatically using a form and an auto responder.

Make your invitation to sign up inviting - sell the benefits of the course and explain exactly what they are getting. A great example of this is here.

Your course should include links back to your website.

Using a form is one of the easily forgotten online business strategies. It is easy to do and every website should have one!