Build an Online Business at the Academy

Work at your own pace and learning style as you build an online business which is truly yours.

The Online Business Academy helps you to own your own, online business using an easy to follow step by step process. How you progress through the process is up to you - there are various options to suit your style.

Each style uses the same, structured step by step process but it is presented in different ways. That's because we recognise that everyone is different and one size does not fit all.

Have a look at the different options below and decide which one is best for you.

Learning Style Summary Who would benefit Cost
The course A 10 week evening course during which you will start building your online business. Includes a domain name, website hosting, support and much more. If you like to be guided through the process by a real person, this is for you. Ideal for anyone who is new to the internet and wants one to one help. £300
E-Learning A 12 week distance learning course using email, interactive video and webinar technology. Includes a domain name, website hosting and support. Ideal if you like the help of a real person but are not able to attend classes. $599
Read and Do Read the 10 step guide and follow it to the letter. Much of the information is free and your financial commitment begins if and when you are ready. If you are happy to work through the information at your own pace and in your own time, this one is for you. $299
Out-Source Someone else does it for you! Pay a specialist to build your website. If you are busy running your business, this is for you. From $1,599 plus $29 per month for hosting and service.

So now you CAN build an online business regardless of your background, ability or time. The financial investment is relatively small considering how much you gain.

Earning extra income or increasing your sales is waiting for you.

So what will it be?

Hand held through the process using a classroom or distance learning course?

Do it Yourself?

Have an expert build your own site?

All you have to do is decide which way is best for you.