Examples of how business and internet work together.

Understand how business and internet work together and you are on the way to your first successful online business.

Most websites fail because they do not understand one basic copncept.

People are looking for quality information that they can use to solve their problems.

This is true in the offline world where the same information is required but is obtained differently.

Here are a few examples:

Problem: I'm sick of working for someone else.
Solution: Use the internet to make money.
What you seek online: A website that tells me how I can make money online in a way I can understand.

Problem: My camera has broken.
Solution: Buy a new digital camera.
digital camera What you seek online: A website that explains the various technical terms, contains opinions of other people on different products, explains features and why you need them. In this example, you may come to a conclusion on which make and model you wish to buy. You might then use the internet to find the best deal.

Problem: I can't get that song out of my head, who sang it?
Solution: Find information on the song.
What you seek online: Information on the song - who sang it, the lyrics and perhaps to be able to play it.

Problem: I need a break in the sun
Solution: Book a holiday that suits my family's needs and interests
What you seek online: Information on possible locations, costs, what there is to do there, what other people thought, how easy is it to get there ...... Again, you may decide on a hotel and use the internet to find the best deal.

Family Holiday

Problem: How do I make a carrot cake?
Solution: Find a carrot cake recipe.
What you seek online: An informative recipe that is easy to follow using ingredients you can obtain.

In the above examples, no-one starts off with a specific product in mind. They arrive at the decision after carrying out research. The research could be done online or offline by speaking to friends, by reading a magazine or visiting a shop.

Even before the internet, people researched first then made a decision.

Business and internet works the same today - people review what is available and make a decision based on what they see and what others say.

How is this helpful to your business?

To own a successful online business, you must understand what problems people have and what information they need to solve them. Give them the information first before selling them your product. Allow people the space to make up their minds about which product to buy.

First, plan your website. Research the information people are looking for. Write quality content (scroll to the bottom and "click here to download"). Build up a good relationship with your visitor. Only then will you have a chance of generating income from your product offerings.