Why Buy Targeted Web Site Traffic When You Can Get It For Free?

You don't have to buy targeted web site traffic. You can get other people to give you traffic for free.

We are really talking about Word of Mouth referrals - simply THE BEST form of advertising. On the Internet, this is called Social Media Marketing. It's about using websites like Facebook, Twitter and Stumble Upon to create a buzz about your website.

This not only drives traffic to your website but is also provides valuable inbound links to your site.

There are 3 main ways you can use Social Media to your advantage. Research each one and start implementing them. Of course, you may already be using them.

1. Create a Quality Website

If you want people to refer others to your site it needs to be good. If you have followed this website, this step is taken care of.

If you have just come in, visit my home page for the fundamentals and then go on a course or start with the planning phase for a guaranteed way to owning a great, long-term business using the Internet. A website that will get people talking about you!

2. Give People the Opportunity

On this website, I have given you 2 opportunities to add this website to your social media.

At the top of the right column you will see:

Share |

This was created using Add It. Simply choose a few options and click "Get Your Button". Copy the code and paste it into your website.

The other way is using the SBI tools (if you have this). You can find this at the bottom of each page - it looks like this:

3. Get Tweeting etc

Use your Twitter / Facebook / Stumble Upon accounts.
Open accounts with all the major ones and put a link back to your website.
Share information with your network - always encourage recipients to pass it on to others.
Use Twitter.

Your goal here is to have other people pass on your link so that you don't have to buy targeted web site traffic.