3 Steps to Free Online Business Traffic

Free Online Business Traffic, targeted to your website, in just 3 steps.

The lifeblood of your online business is visitors - people who visit your website. On the internet, these people are called traffic. Find out how to build more traffic to your website without spending any money.

If you have been following this website, you will have planned and be building your online business website.

But all your plans and hard work will only pay off if you receive TRAFFIC to your website. The great news is, if you have been following this website, you are already implementing Steps 1 and 2!

Brilliant - only one step to go.

(If you have just come in, visit my home page for the fundamentals and then go on a course or start with the planning phase for a guaranteed way to owning a great, long-term business using the Internet).

Before we start - a quick re-cap on who is visiting your website:

Important Concept

The 2 Kinds of Visitor

People and Spiders

People are searching for information. Give them high quality content that exceeds their expectation.

Spiders are looking for information to use to rank your website at Search Engines such as Google.

Understand and satisfy the needs of both.

The 3 Steps to Free Online Business Traffic

Step 1 - Great content that engages visitors

Search Engines want to provide websites that people want to use in their top listings. One way of doing this is by looking at visitor behaviour.

If your site contains excellent, relevant and engaging content, your visitors will look through the website and keep coming back! And even better, they will tell their friends about your great website. The Search Engines are becoming more and more sophisticated at tracking human behaviour. Give your human visitors what they want and they'll want more. Before you know it, you're at the top of Google!

The good news is, by following this website, you should already be doing this! So that's Step 1 taken care of.

Step 2 - Satisfy your Spider Visitors

The way your page and website uses keywords is also important for gaining page rank at the Search Engines. Spiders are also looking at links and other criteria within your website. Always stay within the guidelines of this website to satisfy your Spider visitors as well.

So that's Step 2 taken care of - if you are following this website you are doing this automatically.

Now on to ....

Step 3 - Inbound Links

The number and quality of links TO you website FROM other websites is another thing search engines use to rank your website. The theory is that if people recommend your website then it must be good. Once you have about 30 - 50 pages, you need to be thinking about Inbound Links.

Your website needs to be linked to by a few good, credible sources (ie other websites). Google knows which sites it 'likes'. If they have a link to your website you score brownie points too. Not to mention the free online business traffic from the site that linked to you. Don't use link farms - Google knows who they are and may penalise you for being on them.

As well as reading the information below, you will also find Day 7 of the Action Guide useful.

Tell us what works for you! At the bottom of this page you are invited to tell us what inbound link strategies you have used. You can read what others have said for more tips and ideas.

The free ebook Make Your Links Work (MYLW) contains more information about how free online business traffic can be achieved. Scroll down to "Tip #2" and click - "Download it now by clicking here".

Cheats Tip

Check out the competition.

Save yourself lots of time and effort in tracking down relevant directories and other site - See what your competitors do.

If you type your best keywords into Google, up comes your most fierce competition. How did they get there? They will be listed on directories, using forums, writing articles etc. Find out where their inbound links are coming from and perhaps you can use the same sources.

You will be amazed at what you find.

Specialist directories, blog sites, forums etc might take hours to track down. So fast track by seeing which ones your competition uses.

First, open a new window and go to a search engine such as Google and enter your keyword to find competing sites. Then come back here and type in their website address:

See who links to your web site.

Great Inbound Links Sources


List your website on high quality directories and see your ratings rise.

Value Link Exchange

A Link Exchange is where you place a link to a related website on your site and they place one back to yours.

You want to choose a few, credible, valuable websites here. The SBI Value Exchange Programme is a good place to start - it's free to join and you don't need a subscription to SBI.

Word of Mouth / Social Media Marketing

Make full use of websites which allow you or others to spread the word on you! Open accounts with the major Social bookmarking websites and list your website in the favourites. Use Twitter and share your link with your network.

Article Submission

Write articles for the many e-zine websites.

Use your keywords in your articles and follow the submission rules.

Forums, Discussions and blogs

Actively submit to forums and discussion groups related to your niche. Used correctly you can build up your own credibility as well as helping to drive free online business to your website.

Answer questions

People ask questions about all sorts of things. Regularly check Questions websites like Yahoo Answers. Answer questions related to your niche and include a link to your site. Again, if you can work some of your keywords in, this will help your Answer to be found.

WIKI (What I Know Is)

Wikipedia is trying to grow a community of experts. You need to register to write an article. A link to your website is not always permitted. But if it adds value to the article, it will be reviewed by a volunteer and allowed! That means it will be a really valuable link for driving free online business to your website.

Wiki Knol http://knol.google.com/k# is similar and is quite new. Again, you are invited to tell people about what you know.

Google Alerts

You can sign up for Alerts on different topics if you have a Google account. This is one way of being alerted to a new question or discussion about your niche. When Google finds a related article, it adds it to an email which it sends you daily. It is not 'foolproof' so rely on it for secondary information. Of course, Google Alerts is great if you just want to be kept up to date!


Just like a traditional business, advertising is one way of telling people you are 'out there'. On the internet, there are many ways to advertise. They all cost money. And this page is about free online business. So all I will only say is that advertising does result in more traffic but once you stop paying the traffic will stop!

Offline Marketing

The above are ways to increase traffic on the internet using the internet. You may also employ other, offline techniques to tell people you are 'out there'. People often forget to do this but remember, the world still exists outside your pc!

Once you start actively promoting your website using the above techniques, you will soon find you are driving new free online business to it. This in turn will drive even more traffic! Soon, your online business will start to take off!


What's your Strategy

Help us to help each other. There are many ways to get quality inbound links, I have just mentioned a few.

We can all do a lot better by sharing our ideas - so come on, what works for you?

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