Get guaranteed targeted web site traffic using an Article Submission campaign

Writing articles correctly helps your business in many ways:

1. Builds up your credibility and reputation in your niche.
2. Builds traffic to your website through links.
3. Gives you a quality inbound link which can help your web site ranking.
4. Gives you an opportunity to put out Press Release about yourself or something new in your niche.

You can write informative articles and submit them to specialist websites. The articles can contain a link back to your website. Submitting a few articles is free. Once you wish to submit more, you pay for the service.

As a bonus, news and specialist websites can pick up your article and publish them. It has even been known for authors to be asked to write for an offline, printed magazine!

Top Tips for Writing Articles

1. Use your keywords. The Article Submission market is pretty saturated. To make sure your article is found, use your keywords in the same way as you do for your website.

2. Use the "resource box" (See Below)

3. Always write high quality articles - never just write for the sake of getting a link. Include some real and informative content.

4. Write unique content. You can write several similar articles but always include new information in each one.

5. Articles should be short and snappy - between 400 and 700 words long. Develop a summary, body, conclusion and call to action. Make it appealing, interesting and "leave them wanting more".

Cheats Tip

Need ideas?
Not sure you have time?
You are "all written out"?

You went to a lot of trouble and effort to create great content on your website. So use content you have already written as a starting point.

Summarise the page.
Paraphrase the main content to create the body of your article.
Conclude strongly with a call to action.

Some Article Websites

Increase your chances of guaranteed targeted web site traffic by sending your articles to a quality website. Here are some examples - this list is not exhaustive.

Use the Resource Box

Increase the chances of guaranteed targeted web site traffic by using the Resource Box. You are normally allowed one text link to your website - the text should be a keyword. Also include the website address - often this will be converted to a link if another website publishes it on their website.

Create different text for each article as this helps to keep your article 'unique'.

For your protection, you could consider a copyright notice.

The contents of your resource box could include:

Your name
Your website
A summary of the website
A text link to your website using a keyword
The address of the page covering the specific information covered in the article
A copyright reference

For example, if I was writing an article about File Transfer Protocol, the resource box might say:

For your step by step guide to online business success visit, edited by Avril Stringer. For more information on File Transfer-Protocol, please see Copyright: you may freely republish this article, provided the text, author credit, the active links and this copyright notice remain intact

The words "File Transfer-Protocol" is a text link to the relevant page on my website.

A Word of Warning

As with all inbound link strategies, you need to be aware of a couple of 'bad' practices that could damage your web traffic rankings. There are website services which take your article, re-write it to create hundreds of almost identical articles and then submit it to many article websites. The result is low quality content on low quality sites. Being associated with this can damage your ranking at the search engines. Avoid these services.

Also avoid "over submitting" similar or identical articles. You only need a few to make this strategy work for you.