6 Ways to Make Your Home Internet Businesses More Appealing!

Make Home Internet Businesses and Small Businesses interesting, entertaining and interactive.


Because you want people to keep coming back to your site. You can develop a relationship with your visitors and make them want to return. Give them something else.

Make your site interactive.
Provide lots of opportunities to keep in touch with your visitor.
Read Day 8 of the Action Guide for more information.

My Top 6 Favourites Are:

1. Content 2
Content 2 lets your visitors contribute to your wesbite.

2. Video Links
A picture paints 1,000 words - a video can paint even more!

3. E-zines or Newsletters
Ask your visitors to subscribe to your e-zine or Newsletter. This is your opportunity to tell your visitors about special offers, new products and industry news.

4. Forms
Let your visitors get in touch with you using a simple form.

5. Blogs
Use Blogs - it's the latest thing!

6. Surveys
Find out what people think.

Everything you do should be thought out. Ask yourself - How will this help my visitor? Will this feature make a visitor more likely to return? Review any feedback you get from your visitors as this can help you develop more unique aspects of your website.

How do you make your website more interesting?

Help us to help each other!

How do you enhance your website and make it interesting and interactive? Or have you seen another great website?