How To Increase Website Traffic in the Offline World

Knowing how to increase website traffic offline is often forgotten when considering traffic building strategies.

Learn a few tips and ideas for increasing your traffic using offline methods because NOT EVERYTHING happens online.

If you already have a traditional website, it is easy to see how you can advertise your website. It seems obvious, but just in case you have forgotten - print your web address on business cards, letterhead, emails, advertising, livery, posters, shop frontage and anything else you can think of.

All the traditional methods of advertising your website could be employed, but here are a few 'affordable ones':

Write some press release related to your business and send it to niche related magazines or to the local press. You may not get the website address mentioned but you could get your business known and people will search for you. You may be able to include a competition which is entered via your website.

You could do some local advertising in local papers - this is normally quite cheap.

Flyers and business cards left in shops, community centres etc - make sure you have permission.

Have some business cards printed and carry a stock with you in case you meet someone who might be interested in your products. Attend network groups such as the Chamber of Commerce events to meet people who may be interested in your online business.

Add a link to your website from all emails you send out.

It is amazing how many people forget to or do not know how to increase their website traffic in the traditional, offline market. It is especially important to consider if you have a local business such as a shop or are self employed as you need to reach your local community.