Find FREE Internet business ideas to make your website Great

Why not get internet business ideas for free from your visitors?
Just include a survey or poll on your website to find out what your visitors think.

Surveys are a great way to get new ideas for your website at the same time as making your website more interesting and interactive.

A survey can be a simple poll to a more complex and detailed survey. Here are a few ideas:

Poll - A simple yes/no answer where the visitor simply clicks on their opinion. For example, do you prefer coke or pepsi?

Writing up the results of your poll later gives you a brand new page of content! Plus, it tells you what products your visitors are more likely to be interested in for future content.

A Form - ask a couple of questions via a form to judge opinion. Include a few closed questions which only have a limited number of options. Also include ONE open ended, free text question. This will give you a much better insight into your visitors. Some answers may spark off ideas for more content for your website. You may even find a couple of knowledgeable people who can contribute some content to your website. Finally - you will have a new page of content when you write up the results - possibly more than one page!

Feedback - use a simple form or poll to gain feedback on your website and its services. Ask visitors to rate the website or say how likely they are to recommend it to a friend. This gives you a chance to put any areas of weakness right.

A detailed Survey - you can use a website such as to produce a more detailed survey. This is a free tool which makes it easy to set up a survey and analyse the results. Some of the answers may give you even more internet business ideas!

Put your creative thinking cap on and produce some simple surveys to enhance your website!