How do successful and legitimate online businesses work?

Use the techniques that successful and legitimate online businesses use and soon you will be enjoying extra income and sales.

The key to making your online business fly is to understand how the internet works. Once you understand a few simple concepts, you can easily apply them to your project.

Some Website Facts

There are over 100 million websites on the internet.
That means you are competing with over 100m other websites!
But don't be put off. Most of these 100m sites fail. They fail because they don't understand.

Luckily, you have found this website which teaches you how to succeed and avoid the pitfalls. That puts you ahead of your 100m competitors!

4 Things you Need To Know

The ONE thing everyone forgets
The TWO Visitors to your website
The THREE Stages to owning a successful website
The FOUR elements of a GREAT website

The ONE Thing that everyone forgets!

People are mostly looking for ONE THING on the internet - Information.

lady on computer

Not just any information. They are looking for quality information they can trust so they can use it to solve their problems. Here are a few examples.

People are not looking for your product, brand or company online. Nor do they want to be blatantly sold to. They want information to help them solve their problems. Successful and legitimate online businesses know this!

To succeed, put people and the information they seek first before Products and sales.

Find out more about Quality Information.


The TWO Visitors to your Website


There are 2 kinds of visitors to your website and you must understand the needs of both and satisfy them.

The first is people. And we know what they are looking for - information.

The other is Spiders.

Spiders are computer programmes which visit websites and gather information. This information is used by Search Engines to rank your website! They are VERY important to legitimate online businesses if they want a good rank.

Understand what Spiders are looking for.


The THREE Stages to Owning a Successful Online Business

An online business is similar to any other business and goes through similar stages:

1. Planning

All businesses must plan. Carry out market research, identify your business concept, plan your income strategies and establish a blueprint for your business.

Do not miss out this stage. Most internet business miss this stage out and they FAIL.

For more information, please see the planning section of this website.

2. Building your Website

Now you have your plan it will be MUCH easier to build your website. All you have to decide is how to do this. What tools will you use?

Find out more in our Building Section.

3. Business Development

You have your plan and you have your website. Now it is time to drive up awareness of your business and attract customers.

First, drive traffic to your website. Then direct them to your Sales. All the time, make sure you are appealing to your customer.

For successful and legitimate online businesses, this NEVER stops. You should always spend time driving more traffic to your website, finding ways to enhance the appeal of your website and keep adding quality products to sell.


The FOUR elements of a GREAT website

The 4 key ingredients are Content, Traffic, Pre-sell and Monetisation.

Content - relevant to what people are looking for, high quality information and appealing
Traffic - no traffic = no sales, so actively seek new visitors to your website
Pre-sell - The content and website work together to pull the visitor to your Sales
Monetisation - The last thing you do is pull your customers to your high quality products


What to Do Now

Find out more about the CTPM process by reading or watching Day 1 of the Action Guide.

Then, Follow the Action Guide or Visit the Planning Section to get started.

Understand the basics and you are well on the way to owning successful and legitimate online businesses.