Tools to help Make Extra Money Online

If you want to make extra money online, you need the right tools.

Even better, when these tools are either free or provide good value for money.


Because making money is only half the story. Paying costs is the other half.

What you really need to do is make profit.

Profit = Income minus Costs.

So the lower the costs, the higher the profits.

This goes for the time invested as well.

To save you time, I have included a few of the tools I have found useful so you won't have to spend time looking for them!

For website building, it has to be SBI! This package provides all you need to get started as well as excellent value for money.

If you don't want to use this package, I can recommend the free Search tool.

If you want to learn html, then it has to be the html tutorial.

If you need to reference html codes, try this one.

The free html editor I sometimes use is Arachnophilia.

For simple graphic editing, use Picnik.

For more advanced editing, use The Gimp. It is free to download and this tutorial will get you started.

You can use Dreamstime to find royalty free pictures to enhance your website.

Hope these tools get you started on your project.