Make Money Online From Home by Advertising on Your Website

You can make money online from home just by adding Advertising to your website.

Google Adsense is by far the most popular but not the only one. They make it easy for you to set up and everything is automatic.

You display Google Ads on your website. The adverts are related to your website. Every time someone clicks on the advert, you earn money.

Avoid the Scammers

You will probably have seen websites luring you into giving them money by promising you can make $$$ by using Google Adsense or other similar schemes.

Just remember this - the money you can earn is directly related to the number of visitors you have. If you have 1,000 visitors, 1% may click on the advert. That is 10 clicks. You might be paid $0.50 per click - so that is $5 per 1,000 visitors. If you need or are promised $500 per week, you would need 100,000 visitors!

That is A LOT and takes A LOT of effort and time. You need a great website - even if you have a great website using the advice on this site, 100,000 visitors a week is still a tall order.

How Much Money Can You Earn from Google?

Google never reveal the actual amount paid per click but you can estimate the value. Go to Google.

Enter all the keywords you use on your website into the word list. Enter the other details and click CONTINUE. Evaluate the potential.

CPC is the amount an advertiser pays Google to advertise on a site with a particular keyword.

If you have many keywords, sort by Volume by clicking on "Search Volume".

Your website has good potential where you have about 10 keywords with over a quarter of the volume bar covered and $1 (£0.70) or more per click. This would mean reasonable traffic and good cost per click. Remember - this is what the advertiser pays, not what you will be paid per click.

Place your Google Adverts on pages that get good traffic and good pay per click.

Alternatives to Google

You can make money online from home by using alternatives to Google. They all work in slightly different ways. Here are a few: - You may have seen some text which has a green underline on some websites. When your mouse hovers over this text, an advert appears. - works in a similar way to Googel Adsense. - this is similar to Infolinks.

Offer Web Space for Advertising - if you have lots of traffic, approach potential advertisers and sell them space.

Whatever you decide to do, Adverts on your website is a relatively easy way to make money online from home.