Use Others to Make Your Own Website

Make your own website grow by harnessing the power of others. If you have a great website other people will want to get involved and give feedback. You can give them that opportunity using Content 2.

What is Content 2

This is just a jargon way of allowing people to contribute to a website. There are websites which exist for this sole purpose - Facebook, Twitter, any forum website, Yahoo Answers ..... anything where members of the public are invited to contribute. It is a growing phenomena and people are contributing great content (and some not so great) to the internet without even having a website. Why not make your own website from what others say?

How do I get Content 2

If you are using SBI there is a built in package to do this.

If you are not using SBI you can add a forum on to your website. To do this, see the instructions of your website provider or ask them to help you. If you are using a hosting service with CPanel, this will be quite easy because you can add on the software using Fantastico and incorporate it into your website. Read the instructions that come with your hosting provider.

SBI have a great video which explains how to use Content 2 with their software (Day 8).

The Best Bits

I like SBI because it allows you to view and edit before you publish. This means you can check the content and correct any spelling or grammatical errors. Even better, you can decide whether or not to allow links to others' websites.

It allows you to seamlessly fit Content 2 into your website and is a good mix between a sole Content 2 website and an information website.

Some Examples of Content 2

Please see Inbound Links and Enhance pages for how this looks on this website.

  • This is an 'invitation' page. The contributions are listed at the bottom but you can also link to this section from the top.
  • 'Best of' - if your site is about a place, ask people to recommend their favourite restaurant, hotel or spa etc.
  • Find Contributors - many big websites have contributors. News sites have journalists. Information sites like have staff to build and update content. Use Content 2 to find good writers who then become your "unpaid staff". If you go to the bottom of the Home Page you will see a list of locations - click on one and see the name of the contributor.
  • Once you have regular contributors, you can create a 'my space' type of page for them with their photo etc.
  • A Letters page where people can write to you and give their feedback as well as ask questions to your topic. Or have a mini Yahoo Answers of your own. This could also spark ideas for other content or other wesbites.
  • Use your e-zine to get more responses by including a "Questions Needing Answers" section. You take a few questions from your Content 2 that have had few answers and ask subscribers to answer them. Provide links to relevant pages from your e-zine.
  • Create a mini forum that links to your content. This example has a forums list. When you click the forum you arrive at the content page. At the bottom of the page is the Invitation and other questions.
  • Develop a photo gallery. To encourage participation there could be some kind of judging and prize for the winner. This could be as simple as having their picture on the wesbite. You can even have your contributors embed a Youtube video into the website.
  • is another great example of using Content 2 to create a user driven site.
  • Give away a free e-good, such as a book, and ask for reviews. Or better still, ask people to submit their view of other people's products. This would work a bit like Tripadviser for your niche.
  • If your niche tends to have clubs or meetings associated with visitors, you can let them create their own area on your site.
  • You can remove the invitation part of the page once you have exhausted a particular theme and be left with some original content!
  • Create a directory. For example, if you have a local website, a business directory.
  • Another example is

Make your own website fun and interactive and watch the traffic pour in!