The Best Online Based Businesses

The best online based businesses start with a business concept.

Firstly, do your brainstorm and narrow your selection down to 3 ideas.

Here are some examples of what your 3 concepts might be.

You have a general idea of the subject of your website.

For example - you like cooking.

Your 3 concepts could be:

Low fat cooking - you are always on a diet
Cajun cooking - it's your speciality
Fun desserts - because you love them

Your final business concept will be something to do with cooking.

None of your ideas have anything in common

Your concepts could be:

Playing amateur Netball - because you play at your amateur club.
Cooking - because you also like cooking.
Caring for children with cerebral palsey - because you do.

At this stage, you could do any one of these.

You already have a business selling goods

Example - you sell printers

Your concepts might be:

Printers for small businesses
Home office printing
How to choose the right printer

You are a charity / not for profit

Example - you provide help and advice for people with arthritis

Aids for arthritis sufferers
Remedies to help arthritis
Living with Pain

What Now?

Having narrowed your ideas for you online based businesses down to 3, the next step is to decide on 1!

To help you make up your mind, you will need to do some work on Keywords.

Firstly, evaluate the raw data which is returned to you. The numbers. You can use this chart to help you.

Then you need to consider some other things:

  • Your knowledge of the concept
  • Do you like the subject?
  • How much time do you have to spend on the business?
  • Is the subject appealing to you and others?

Read or watch Day 2 of the SBI 10 Day Action Guide for more information on generating keywords and how to use the information to develop your best website concepts.

You may find this Decision Chart helpful to evaluate the best concept for your business.