Turn your Online Business Ideas into Cash

Most online business ideas can be turned into extra income and increased sales. The ideas are already in your head. You just need to know how to unlock them AND how to turn them into a business.

The first stage to using your ideas successfully is planning. Not enough people give planning the time it needs. They rush in, miss out important steps and end up with a website that FAILS.

Plan your website and prepare to succeed!

If you spend time now it will pay off later. Having a plan now makes building your website and developing your business much easier. Do not skimp - spend days or weeks now and reap the rewards later.

The 5 Planning Stages

  1. Understand the Basics
  2. Develop your Business Concept
  3. Devise a Business Blueprint
  4. Plan your Income
  5. Finalise your Message

Only when you have reached Number 5 will you finally choose your domain name.

To help you, there is a Cheat's Tip at the bottom of the page.

When you have completed the steps, check your knowledge with our quiz.

Step 1 - Understand the Basics

If you have not already done so, read or watch Day 1 of the Action Guide. This sets the scene and gives you a deeper understanding of how the internet works and what makes your online business ideas into online business success. Supplementary See the Knowledge page.

Step 2 - Develop your Concept

Now that you understand the basics we can get right on to building your business. This is where you nail down your business idea to one concept aimed at one sepcific niche market. First of all, Read or Watch Day 2 of the Action Guide.

Supplementary See some examples of concepts.

Supplementary If you have a business or know your concept already, spend some time thinking about different angles. For example, if you sell jewellery, think about breaking it down. For instance, by geography (Scottish, Indian), Materials (gold, silver), styles (classic, costume). Use the Cheat's Tip for online business ideas from other sites. Is there a gap in the market?

Supplementary If you are not sure what your business is yet, then do a full brainstorm. Generate as many ideas as possible - go for quantity, not quality. See my tips on brainstorming.


To use the Research Tool that comes with Sitesell, you need to buy a subscription for US$299. However, there is an alternative if you are not going to or are not yet ready to commit to this.

Supplementary You can view some worked through examples to see how this might work in practice.

By the end of this step you should have

  • Lots of keywords
  • Your online Business Idea

Step 3 - Devise a Business Blueprint

We are not finished with the keywords list yet.

What we do now is organise these words into a structure. This will be your Site Blueprint.

To develop your blueprint, see Day 3 of the Action Guide. The video called "Tier Structure" under Day 3 is particularly good for understanding what you are aiming for.

Supplementary Use their method or see some other ways that I have used.

Use the Cheat's Tip to get ideas for your structure. How have other sites organised the information?

At the end of this step, you will have
  • An online business idea
  • A Site Blueprint.

Step 4 - Plan your Income

Before you go any further, you need to check that your online business idea can generate an income.

After all, you would hate to build a site that was not capable of sustaining itself. Whilst checking the options, keep a note of all the work you do. Then, when you are ready to implement the income streams, you already have your success plan!

The Cheat's Tip works wonders here. Instead of you having to find products to sell, see what others are selling and then see if you can sell those too!

Day 4 of the Action Guide will help but it can be a bit sketchy. Supplement your learning with Supplementary the Monetisation section of this website.

If you cannot make money from your concept, it might be best to go back a couple of steps and try one of the other 3 concepts. Make sure you are happy before you go on.

At the end of this step you have
  • An online business idea
  • Structure or Blueprint
  • A plan for generating income.

Just one more step to go and your plan is complete.

Step 5 - Finalise your Message or Value Pre-selling Proposition (VPP)

This is a posh way of saying - What makes you different? What is your spin? Why should I buy from you and not someone else? This can be referred to as the Valuable Pre-selling Proposition.

Your VPP is the overall message you give your visitors. They can immediately see who you are and how they would benefit from your site. It's a short, snappy, one-liner which sums your business up.

First, understand what a VPP is. Read - Day 5 of the Action Guide.

SupplementaryUse this form to help you develop your own VPP.

And then you choose your domain name. Supplementary Tips for Choosing a Domain Name. Yes - we have finally got to the bit where you turn your online business idea into a domain name.


After you have completed this step, your planning is complete. You should have

  • A concept
  • Lots of keywords in an organised structure
  • An Income Generation plan
  • A VPP
  • A Domain Name
So that's it.
You have your plan.
Now you are ready to build your site!

But first - check your knowledge

Cheat's Tip

Your competing sites are a wealth of information.
Use them!
Find them by searching for your concepts in a search engine such as Google.
Evaluate what you find.
Look at the tactics they use - can you use those too?
Get ideas from them.

(Don't copy them!)