Using Online Business Magazines to Build Credibility and Traffic

Developing online business magazines are a great way to enhance your website, make it interactive and build traffic.

It does not have to be about business - your e-magazine or newsletter can be on any subject relevant to your website.

Always ...

Deliver high quality content on all your communications including your magazine.

Write for your reader not you or what you have to sell

Provide links back to your website

Some ideas about what to include

  • Review a product, book or new service
  • Articles - write high quality articles about subjects you are knowledeable and passionate about
  • Word of wisdom / thought for the day
  • Ask opinion - for example, through a survey. This is a great way to get new ideas for your website or future editions.
  • Invite your visitors to write an article
  • Interview a well known expert in your field
  • What's on - an events calendar about up-coming events in your niche. There may be monetisation opportunities hers as well.

to add your own ideas.

How to Guide

1. Give your online business magazine a name - catchy and relevant to your niche. Decide how often you will distribute it - daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly?
2. Make a web page to tell your visitors about your newslettr - it's features and benefits. Include the frequency.
3. Give your visitors the option to sign up using a simple form which captures their details. Include your 'invitation' on all pages as well as a link to the information page about the online business magazine itself.
4. Set up an auto responder to verify that person agrees to receiving your newsletter - this is called a double opt in and prevents spammers or malicious people giving false email addresses.
5. Once they have verified, add them to your distribution list.
6. Send out your newsletters!


If you are using SBI, you can look at the special video on Day 8 on how to set this us. SBI includes software to manage your email list, including handling the double opt-in.

A search on a search engine such as Google will reveal many more options. Look for a package which handles your mailing list, including a double opt-in facility for newcomers to your mailing list. An example of a package which comes recommended is - I have not used this.

What do you include in your Newsletters?

What do you include in YOUR newsletters?

Share what you know by telling us what you put in your newsletters to make them fun and interesting.