"The Ultimate Online Business System - Affiliates"

If you are looking for an online business system that really works and has low start up costs then Affiliates could be the answer.

An affiliate programme is where you send traffic from your website to another website. You get paid a commission when that traffic performs some task such as buying something or completing a form.

It is similar to e-goods but is not restricted to just downloadable items.

Beware - Affiliate programmes can suffer from scammers and promises of 'Get Rich Quick' schemes. Using the advice on this website will help you to avoid the traps.

Benefits of Affiliates

  • No products or stock to deal with
  • Final sale is closed by affiliate - they process the order so you won't have this hassle.
  • There are few set up costs
  • You don't handle any after sales

You do the marketing, the Affiliate does the rest.

Planning and Marketing

If you have been following the website you will know by now the key is to plan and build a quality website which pulls the visitor through to your Sales.

Plan your affiliates - look for programmes relevant to your well planned content.

Only recommend affiliates you have tried and tested and delivers value for your visitors. If you don't, it will cost you your reputation.

Deliver high quality content which builds trust with your visitor and makes them want to click on your affiliate link.

Plan other income streams - do not rely on just one.

Too many affiliate links on a website will be penalised by the search engines, so only use a few good quality ones.

Finding an Affiliate Programme

You have 2 main options. You can use an Aggregator - this is a company which brings affiliates together. Or you can find them yourself.


These can be great to get you started as they bring them all together. You will also have a better chance of being paid efficiently. The internet is full of 'scam' aggregators, so make sure you use a reliable one.

Some 'safe'ones are:


There are pros and cons of using these and they have different rules and regulations. Do your research!

Find your Own

You are more likely to find a better affiliate online business programme if you find it yourself. Here are a few strategies to finding them:

1. Have a look at competing websites!
2. Check the websites that you use to see if they have Affiliate Programmes. If you are using the website it must be good!
3. If you use Google Adsense, go to your advertises' websites (do not click the link, copy and paste it into a new window). Many of them have affiliate programmes or are affiliate merchants.
4. Keep your eyes open for opportunities.

Evaluating Programmes

So what is a good affiliate online business system? You need to do your homework. The devil is in the detail so make sure you check the detail. Try the affiliate company and only offer them to your visitors if they fit the bill!

Please note, the 2 columns below are unrelated to each other.

Good Programmes Beware
Have high quality products. Defective joining procedure
Merchant has a good, easy to follow website that closes the sale. Unethical policies or procedures.
Allows you to link to a specific product that you recommend rather than the Home Page. Clauses in the agreement you may find unacceptable.
Clear payment model - pay per sale or pay per lead. Merchants who allow or use spam.
Offer support - detailed traffic and linking statistics, clear accounting, ability to spot check, assistance. Low or poor support.
Good commission - 10% for hard goods, 20% e-goods. Use low valued goods only if you can get high volume sales. Reports of late or non-existent payments.
Only join them if it is free to join - never pay. Excessive commission usually means the customer is being ripped off.
Offers Lifetime Commissions so you still get commission if the customer repeat buys. Anything that says Get Rich Quick.
You also get commission if the customer you refer joins the affiliate scheme. Pay per click - not usually real.
Restricted membership - only to the best. These are rare. Poor traffic statistics - Google or Alexa rank.
Monthly payments with reasonable minimum.

Affiliate programmes offer a very good online business system but you have to do your homework and build a good website which gets lots of valuable traffic.