Legitimate Online Business Systems

To be successful online, you need online business systems that work. Not scams or get rich quick schemes. But genuine ways of making an income online.

Of course the first step is to have a fantastic website full of great and compelling content.

Only after you have a good start on your website should you begin to think about introducing an income stream.

Why most Online Businesses Fail

They have a great product range, fabulous website and all systems ready to "GO".

Then fail!


No Traffic!

TO SUCCEED - you need a great, content rich website, properly thought out and planned, with the right customer attitude. Avoid the trap by following this website. Plan, build, presell, get traffic FIRST and only then, sell something.

Some good criteria for deciding when to start making money

  • 30 pages good content
  • A few (4) good quality inbound links
  • A stream of visitors - 20 per day

For more information, see Day 10 of the Action Guide.

Avoid being Scammed

The internet is FULL of people who want your money and / or your identity. They lure you into giving them money and personal information with promises of being rich quick.

Read the Top 3 Tips to Avoid Scammers

So, once you are READY to start selling, what good online business systems are there?

If you are feeling overwhelmed with this, don't be. Just choose one method that appeals to you and concentrate on that one only. Move on when you are ready to. Go one step at a time.

Drop Shipping

An easy, risk free way to do this is through a drop shipper. The drop shipper stocks the goods and despatches them to your customer. You pay for the goods at an agreed price with the drop shipper but you can charge whatever you like to the customer.

But Beware - fully research your drop shipper to make sure they are legitimate as there are a few 'scammers' out there.


You could stock goods which you sell online.

Make sure you have researched the market and stock goods you are sure will sell. Otherwise, you could be left with unsold stock which you have paid for!


These are products which can be downloaded such as music, software or e-books. Often, commission on these products is very high. The vendor provides all the download facilities. All you do is place a link on your website to their website.

Affiliate Programmes

This is where you provide a link from your site into a vendor's site. If the customer buys something from the other site, you receive a commission. This can be a very lucrative online business system.

Multi-Level Marketing or Network Marketing

This business model has been in existence since the 1940's. Amway and Kleeneze are examples of this. One part of your business is to sell products to your customers. The other part is to recruit more people to sell these products. You earn commission on both what you sell and what others sell. This can be a very successful way to make an extra income.


You can sell advertising for related products on your site. One very easy way to do this is through the Google Adsense programme or similar alternative.

Online Arm

Become the online arm of a local business known to you. The shop or business stocks the goods and you take a commission on any orders they receive from your website. This is another low risk option if you know your local suppliers and they agree they would like to do business this way.

Existing Business

If you are already in business these will be the goods or services you already sell. But why not increase your range and sell other, related hard goods?

Whatever online business system you decide is relevant to your website, I cannot stress the importance of research. There are many business scams out there. These are people who promise to make you thousands of pounds per week for just a couple of hours effort. The only one making money is the one taking your money.

You can normally obtain feedback by looking at forums - you can find these through a Google Search on the name of the person or business selling the system.

Once again, make sure you start your income streams at a good time for your site. Also read Day 10 of the Action Guide.

Good Luck!