How to Do Online MLM Business

Learn how to make money from online MLM Business.

MLM means Multi Level Marketing and is also sometimes called Network Marketing. It is an internet phenomenon and as such, you need to tread with care to avoid being scammed.

MLM has been around since the 1940's - well before the internet so it is a tried and tested business model. These companies manufacture a range of products but instead of selling them through the traditional method of wholesalers and retailers, they sell them directly to the public.

An MLM member earns money in 2 ways. They sell the products and earn commission. They also recruit members into their network and earn commission from THEIR sales. They also recruit new members and you earn commission from THEIR sales as well - it is like a big chain.

In this way, a Down Line and an Up Line are created. Your UP Line is the person who recruited you and the person who recruited THAT person and so on up the chain. Your Down Line is the chain that you create. There are 2 offerings - the products and the business opportunity.

There are hundreds of MLM companies - Amway, kleeneze and Betterware are just a few. Depending on the MLM company, you can sell products on your website, be a local, offline rep and recruit people online and offline to your network.

The internet is an amazing tool for online MLM business but only if used properly - you need a website that focuses on the content not the products or business opportunity - just like everything else on this website!

As with everything else on the internet, if there is a popular and legitimate way to make money online there is also a queue of dodgy companies trying to sell you fresh air. So beware - always check everything out thoroughly.

Finding Online MLM Business Opportunities

Look at competing websites to see what they offer.

Go to the Direct Selling Association website for help and a lots of members.

Use forums to see what others have found or said about MLM companies you are considering.

Search reliable websites:

Direct Selling Association

10 Things to Check

1. Check the company's website and read their Annual Report - this tells you if it is a solid company or just fly by night.

2. Look at the details and small print in the Terms and Conditions. What exactly are they offering you and your customers and how can you make a profit? Are there any special rules which make it difficult? Do they operate in your country?

3. What are their products, prices and general company procedures.

4. Do the products fit well with your theme and website?

5. What exactly IS the opportunity?

6. Do they have restrictions on your selling other products? Do not pick one that restricts other activities you want to do.

7. Do they have any approval procedures which they carry out on your website? If they do, this adds to their credibility but you also have to meet the requirements.

8. Check the start up costs - are these reasonable?

9. The ordering process - Usually ordering is done on the main MLM company's website via a link from yours. Make sure the ordering process is easy for your customer and has a system for you to be credited with the sale as well as all future sales from that customer.

10. Phone or email people who have used the company to see if it delivers its promises.


There are lots of Get Rich Quick scammers out there. Everything you should do should be related to your business not other people's. Don't be duped into buying training videos or attending events that only make money for your Upline.

There really is a great opportunity to do and make money from online MLM business but only if you do your homework and build a great website to support it.