Starting an Internet Business means Understanding the Basics

When you are starting an internet business you need to know the basics. One of the fundemantals is your TWO kinds of visitor. They both want different things and you need to give them both what they want.

So who are these visitors?

People (duh)



People are predominantly looking for information.


Spiders are computer programmes. They are programmed by Search Engines. Spiders visit your website to collect information. This information is used to rank your website.

The best place to be in a search engine ranking is at the top.

So it is vitally important you keep the Spiders happy.

What do Spiders want?

This should really read "what do search engines want" since the Spiders work for them.

A search engine, such as Google, wants to provide its customers with websites that their customers like. So the Spiders are looking for indications of popular websites.

Indications include:

Length of time spent browsing the website
Recommending the website to others
Repeat visits

How Do You Keep Spiders Happy?

If you provide good quality, relevant information on your website, people will spend time on it, recommend it to others and come back to your website.

So your number one strategy when starting an internet business is to provide high quality information.

But Keywords are important as well. Use them correctly and you will start to get the Spiders interested.

You also need to get some traffic (people coming to your website). So make sure you employ some traffic building strategies.

Never Try to Fool a Spider

There are countless examples of online businesses trying to fool spiders - in the long term, these websites are dropped by the search engines.

For example, when Spiders first appeared, they ranked websites based on keywords. So some website owners tried to fool the spiders by typing the keyword over and over again, often in the background colour of the page so the visitor would not see. Google dropped these websites and changed it's algorithm.

The long term strategy is to please your visitors and tweak your content to satisfy the spiders.

If you are starting an internet business but you are not sure how to go about this, I recommend a step by step course to guide you through the process. Start with an idea and graduate with a business. Do an evening course, an e-learning course or do it on your own - please visit the Academy section to see if a course could help you.