Use Forums For Web Site Traffic Generation

Free web site traffic generation can be achieved through contributing to forums and blogs.

First, find some speciality forums related to your niche.

As well as the usual searches, you may find Search It a good starting point.

Scroll to the bottom and click the SearchIt! button (make sure your browser can receive the pop-up).
In Box 1, choose "Inbound Links Opportunities".
In Box 2, choose "Google Search for Topical Forums".
In Box 3, enter a search term relating to your topic.
Press the Submit button.
Scroll down and click "go to your results".

This will give a Google listing of possible Forums.

Choose good quality forums which do not receive spam. Only use forums which genuinely offer good information and advice. Avoid any that are just there to generate links for websites.

Choose a few - 1 - 5. Too many and you could be seen as a spammer. Plus, the more you have the more work for you.


Register with the forum to allow you to contribute. You can normally enter a link to your website in your profile. This appears as part of your signature.

Don't forget to put the forum in your Favourites so you can easily find it again!

Regularly visit the forum and respond to articles. Try to contribute something meaningful, helpful and of interest. For example "I agree with you" is not meaningful, interesting or helpful. Either don't respond at all or expand your response to include more information on the subject.

When you post to the forum, use your keywords.

If you do this, you will become a respected expert in your field. People will trust you and be more likely to use your online business.

Beware - never Spam a forum!

If done correctly, forums are a good, free web site traffic generation tool. Use them wisely.