Increase your web site traffic ranking using Value Exchange Links

Find out how your web site traffic ranking can increase by having a few links to your website from other high quality websites.

High quality website owners are unlikely to provide a link for free. However, a Link Exchange might make it worthwhile. You place a link to their website and they place one to yours.

The key to this strategy is "High Quality" - only link exchange with websites that will enhance your visitor's experience.

Great theory, but how do you do this?

There are a number of steps:

1. Find a website to link to / from
2. Contact the owner
3. Monitor the exchange
4. Things to watch out for

1. Finding a website to Link Exchange with

Always be on the look out for high quality websites, relevant to your online business, that you can link with. Regularly research your niche and any related niches. The best ones are those which do not directly compete with you but provide some additional information. That way, you can seamlessly and naturally link to their website.

For example, I recommend a great html beginners course for anyone who wants to learn. I don't want to offer this level of detail myself, but it supplements the information on this website. The link to the course is woven into the relevant page on html. This will help the web site traffic ranking of the html website. Since they offer great content, a link to my website will benefit my online business as well.

You can find link 'partners' using Link Exchange services. These are websites which aim to put fellow linkers together. Be very wary using them - anything that offers linking with hundreds of websites probably means low quality link farms. Using them can damage your web site traffic ranking so avoid them.

A great starting point is to use the SBI Value Exchange Programme. Only quality websites are permitted to join and you are likely to find reputable and honest business owners there.

2. Contact the Owner

Some websites invite you to link exchange with them, in which case, follow their instructions.

More often, however, you will need to contact the owner of the website. Send them an email including the following information:

1. Introduction - Who you are and why you are contacting them
2. The benefits of a link exchange. For example, you could point out something that your website does that their website does not and vice versa.
3. Where on their website would a link to yours fit in (eg point out a particular page)
4. Tell them where their link would appear on your website.
5. Conclude by asking them to consider your proposal and give them your contact details.

If you already include some links to other websites, you may be able to give them statistics about how much traffic you send to them.

Hopefully this will open a dialogue with the other business owner and you can agree a suitable link exchange that benefits you both.

3. Monitor the Exchange

Some disreputable website owners may not honour their side of the bargain! So you need to check that they are doing what they said. Check the link is on the page they said it would appear on.

Each month or so, check the link is still there. If your link is removed after a while, contact the owner in a sympathetic way. They may have changed the content of the website and just forgotten to take you with them.

Monitor the link from your website - check that the page you linked with is still there and contains the same content. If it is not, you can change the link to a relevant page that IS there. The last thing you want is a broken link. But you also need to check the content you link to is still relevant.

You may be able to monitor the impact on your web site traffic ranking using traffic and ranking statistics. You can assess the value of the exchange and this may help you for finding further exchanges.

4. Things to watch out for

Link farms or 'false' exchanges. Anything that is a free for all should be avoided. Any website that is in business purely to provide a link should be avoided. Some of them can even damage your web site traffic ranking, so beware.

The rule of thumb is to avoid offers that promise to increase your traffic instantly. Unless a service is recommended by a trusted source, do not use them and especially don't give them any money.

Link Exchange partners who let you down - always monitor the link.

Always link exchange with a website that is relevant to your business.

And finally ....

Don't be fooled into thinking that the only way to build traffic is to have lots of links. It is better to have a few, quality links. Search Engine algorithms are becoming more sophisticated in recognising the value of quality inbound links. They already penalise website owners who try to 'fool' them with links from poor quality link generation websites.