Don't Know what to sell online?

If you don't know what to sell online, look no further than your local community.

Many small shops are not even aware of the online potential out there. They have neither the time nor inclination to effectively use the internet to grow their business. This is a great opportunity for you. Why not become their online arm?

You may already know the shop owner personally and you can certainly see the quality of their goods and services. If their products compliment your content, you could sell their goods from your website.

The great advantage of this is you have a reliable source on your doorstep. You don't have to keep stock so the risk belongs wholly to the shop owner.

How this can work will be very much up to you and the shop keeper. The first step is to establish a relationship with them. Start small - choose a couple of products which you think would work well online. Ones with a reasonable value, easy to ship with a high demand. Use your gut instinct here.

Negotiate how the business will work. What will be your profit and how will you be paid? Who will ship the goods - you or the shop? It may simply be that you buy the goods from the shop at a discount and do what you wish with them. Or you may pass the order on to the shop and they will do the rest, you simply turn up every week or month for your commission.

After a while, you will iron out any problems and see if it has been a success. If it has, both you and the shop own will no doubt be happy at the increased business. If this happens, you could expand the product range.

This would work just as well with services. For example, you could get leads for the local plumber in return for a commission.

So if you are not sure what to sell online, have a good look around your local area.